At the foot of Hellstone Mountain sits a well that used to provide an endless supply of water to a nearby town for many decades. Rumor has it that the well runs so deep, it reaches the depths of Hell. The Ghost Queen has been confined in Hell by the gods for thousands of years to prevent her from doing evil. One year, during a long drought, the well finally dried up. It was then that the doorway to the underworld opened. With this opportunity, the Ghost Queen led her minions through the well to bring chaos and destruction to the world. The undead laid waste to the nearby town and its surroundings within a week. As a Ghost Slayer from a neighboring town and sensing the imminent danger, you must embark on a mission to subdue the Ghost Queen and stop her path of destruction once and for all.




Strike, block and execute special techniques as you battle evil spirits in your way. The game is played in first person perspective and the sword is controlled using the Wii Remote™. Experience a new level of sword fighting realism using the Wii MotionPlus™.



There are various types of enemy characters. Each character has a different strategy of attack and behavior. Master the techniques to defeat each enemy and become the ultimate GhostSlayer.




The trusty sword is your only weapon. There are 4 types of swords available in the game to be unlocked as stages are cleared. Each sword yields different damage and special technique to be executed.



Modes of Control

You can choose to play the game with or without the Wii MotionPlus™. Controls will vary when using different modes of play. Practice and familiarize yourself with the controls in tutorial mode.



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