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Q1: How many unique characters are there?
A: There is a total of 12 characters, each armed with different combination of primary and secondary attacks.

Q2: How many matches are there in a tournament?
A: To complete a tournament, you will need to clear 9 rounds, of which each consists of 3 matches. Thus, there is a total of 27 matches in a tournament.

Q3: I was defeated in a tournament game due to Time Over condition, but at that moment I had more units than my opponent. Why was I defeated?
A: It is because you as a challenger had failed to defeat your defending opponent within the time given.

Q4: Is there a limit to how many of the same character I can recruit?
A: There is no such restriction, except that each team will have only 1 Prince or Princess. If you like your team to be full of Archers, you are allowed to have a team of 1 Prince or Princess and 8 Archers.

Q5: I noticed my character attributes improved when I have more ally units beside each other. How does this system works?
A: There are 2 types of enhancement. The 1st type of enhancement is for units which are linked (adjacent or linked through another ally unit) to your unit going to battle. The 2nd type of enhancement is for ally units which are adjacent (1 step up, down, left or right) to your unit going to battle. These enhancements will improve the character attributes for the duration of the battle.

Q6: I noticed sometimes there is recovery of health points to certain units.. What are the conditions for this to occur?
A: Healing will occur if a unit is not in full health and is linked adjacently to an ally unit.

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